Hearthstone and Star Wars Crocheting

I’ve never played WoW. I’m familiar with the massive multi-player game and whatnot, but it always seemed like such a massive time commitment to get anywhere with it. Hearthstone, however, I love. I came across a pattern for Amiguri style plush Hearthstones on Ravelry, and had to make them. I’m not a fan of the seaming through the center of the stone, so I crocheted it in one piece.


Check out the free pattern on Ravelry: Amiguri Hearthstone

My other project were the freezer pop cozies that look like Light Saber hilts. I’m not a Star Wars fan and haven’t seen anything but the original three films, but I do have a lot of coworkers who are very into all things Star Wars.


It’s another free pattern: Light Sword Freezer Pop Cozies


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Topics of interest: race and gender in the workplace, the personal as political, class inequality, sociological perspective in Chicago, urban legends and folklore, political economy.

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